Demuxafy Software Selector and Doublet Estimator

You can use this to estimate the expected number of doublets and singlets based on the number of droplets captured. Moreover, you can also look into the recommended set of softwares that are best for your dataset. This can be helpful with experimental planning and post capture quality control processing. Please let us know if there are additional features that you can think will help make this tool useful.

Number of cells captured!
Sample is genetically multiplexed?


Num of Droplets captured Technology used Expected Singlets
True single cells
Expected Doublets
Technical artifacts in data when two (or more) cells are mistaken as a single cell are known as “doublets”
Doublets Rate
The doublet rate (i.e., the proportion of doublets) in a scRNA-seq experiment depends on the throughput and protocol.
Recommended Software Genetically Multiplexed? Reference Genotype? Number of Individuals